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  • 9th April
  • 09

Putting a damper in Tuesday.

My kids got in trouble at lunch. I have NEVER had a class get in trouble at lunch. Not teaching 8th grade or 3rd grade or Kindergarten. I may never have a perfect class but I pride myself on putting up a good showing in the halls and in public. We constantly get compliments from other teachers and in Specials about being well-behaved. A few friends have their moments, but as a class, I definitely work my butt off to whip them into shape.

When I walked into the gym, it was dead silent. We have lunch with one other K class and that class had suckers. I had three kids away from the group, one standing and just one with a sucker. My kid who speaks little English.

I got filled in on what went on. I heard burping. I heard throwing forks on the floor. I heard milk bubbles. I heard loud voices. I heard banging on the table.

So I did what any teacher would do, I made them apologize to the lunch aides and lunch lady and then.. I pretended to cry.

Oh, the guilt! I love the guilt.

They tried to console me. I told them I didn’t want to talk to people who made me sad.

They apologized. I said I didn’t want to hear it. They needed to worry about everyone in the lunchroom accepting their apologies.

I canceled the plan for a game we were going to play. “It’s brand new and it was going to be awesome! But I don’t play games with rude people.”

Rest time was the quietest it ever was. [I actually got a lot done..]

I made them write apology notes and draw pictures that they thought would cheer up sad people.

The whole time they were working, I just kept walking around mumbling, “I really hope these apologies work.” and “I hope that’s enough to cheer up Mrs. So-and-so.”

Too much?


Sometimes it’s fun to be the bad guy.

PS: I’m not trying to make light of the situation. They were rude and they should feel bad. Which most did. I’m not going to let them get off lightly and with 5 year olds, sometimes you have to exaggerate your feelings to make sure they understand.

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